Gen X Rehab
Gen X Rehab

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We are a couple of Gen X nomads who thought the world could use yet another blog and podcast. But wait, don’t dismiss us just yet!  If you want the inside scoop on living your best life after 40 and how to live it longer; you are in the right place. If we can do it – you can too!

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All you need to know to get fit and live longer – without the ads. Blog posts, ebooks, slide shows, infographs and more to set you on the path to better health.

Get Heatlh(ier)

Helping fellow legends live longer! Join the conversation as a Master Health and Wellness Coach discusses his physical rehabilitation – from a 50 year old T2 Diabetic to OG personal trainer.

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The more we travel the more I learn how much there is to see. Here you will find my personal journal of this trip through life.

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